Department of Acting & Performing Arts

  • 경성대 무용학과
  • 일리노이대학 (UIUC) Master of Fine art 졸업
  • · 영산대학교 연기공연예술학과 학과장
Hee Jeong Kang
  • Graduated from Kyungsung University with a bachelor’s degree in Dance
  • Graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a master’s degree in Fine Arts Currently)
  • Head of the Acting/Musical
    Department in Youngsan University
    Permanent dancer at the art group “Chai”
    Head researcher at “Mar”, the movement research institute
    Founding member of open theatre art community
    Steering committee member of Busan Interna…

강희정은 무용과, 연극, 뮤지컬, 영화, 퍼포먼스 등 장르를 넘나들며 전 방위의 다채로운 작업을 선보인 부산의 대표 안무가이다. 그녀의 무대 실험은 행위자 Performer의 몸이 가지는 상징성 , 극적인 이미지, 회화성을 확장시켜 신체언어의 원형을 복원시키는 것이다. 미리 결정되어진 모델 Model에 의한 공연이 아니라 몸의 즉흥적이고 자유로운 연상 작용에 의해 행위자 상호간, 행위자와 관객과의 소통이 이루어지게 한다. 이러한 그녀의 예술적 실험은 ‘사람의 몸’ 연구로 확장되어 새로운 패러다임의 예술교육을 설계 하고 개발한다.

Hee-Jung Kang is a renowned choreographer from Busan who has shown her various works through many platforms such as dance, theatre, musical, movie and performing arts. Her experiment on stage sets goal to expand a performer’s significance and symbolism with movements, a dramatic image and harmony. Her performance isn’t one based on a set “model” but it harmonises a mutual communication between the performer and the spectators through impromptu and liberating associative work. Her artistic experiment has been expanded to a research on the “human’s body” and is founding and developing a new artistic education of a newly found paradigm.

Youngsan Univ.
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Acting & Performing Arts
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